Ransom Rifle Master enhanced for .50 Caliber Shooting

Rifle courtesy of McMillan Brothers
50 Cal instructions in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format
The Enhanced Rifle Master® has been redesigned to give maximum stability when shooting the very heavy .50 BMG rifles. Portions are manufactured from a grade of cast iron specifically chosen for its resistance to vibration transmission. The base includes an instrument-grade level so the Rifle Master can be leveled precisely to compensate for bench variations. Everything is designed to bring the .50 BMG rifle enthusiast a tool for testing and shooting that is portable, accurate, and simple.
The Rifle Master® Rear Rest was introduced in 1999. It provides a stable and tri-dimensionally adjustable rear rest for the .50 BMG rifles. It was designed to be used in conjunction with the Enhanced Rifle Master. For stability, the base is made from harmonically-dead cast iron, chosen specifically for its resistance to viration transmissions. The rear rest is adjustable in height with the elevation screws which are locked in position with lock rings. Windage adjustments are made using the windage adjustable bag plate. Everything was designed and refined in conjunction with champion .50 BMG shooters, with the intention of bringing the most accurate, stable and user-friendly rear rest to the .50 BMG Rifle Shooter. Features of the Rifle Master Enhanced for .50 BMG Rifles Harmonically-Dead, Cast Gray Iron Body
Circular Level for Exact Leveling of Rest
Heavy Duty Bag Plate with Extended Side Rails
Internal Base Casting & Columns Matched to +/-.0002 Tolerance
Threaded Major & Minor Columns both with a Hand wheel
Leveling Legs are 1/2" in diameter and hardened Tip Lock Screws On Leveling Legs
Extended For end Stop
Weight: 23 lbs. *
Height: 6 1/2" to top of bag plate side rails *
Total Rise: 6" total elevation adjustment *
Diameter: 16"
* weights & measurements are approximations

Rifle Rear Rest Features

Base Leveling Screws (3): For precise positioning of Rifle Rear Rest, with hardened tips so the rest doesn't shift on the bench. The screws are knurled for ease of use in final elevation changes.
Leveling Screw Lock Rings (3): For securing the position of leveling screws.
Windage Adjustable Bag Plate: The windage adjustable bag plate mounts directly on the rest and has approximately 1" inch total side-to-side adjustment. It can be operated right or left handed.
Weight: 11 lbs. *
Height: 3" to top of bag plate side rails *
Rise: 1 3/4" total elevation adjustment *
Windage: 1" total windgage adjustment
Length: 12"
Width: 8 1/2"
* weights & measurements are approximations

Rifle Master Models

omniseriesmaster Ransom Rifle Master® -Quick Change Plus® enhanced for .50 BMG Rifles $904.78
riflerearrest Ransom Rifle Rear Rest $545.64
Upgrade of Ransom Rifle Master® to enhanced version Includes new major column, hand wheel, 7" side rails and other parts. This is the dependent upon which Rifle Master model is being modified. Original parts are returned and can be replaced on the rest to return to the original configuration. Upgrades are done factory direct. Price
Ransom Rifle Master® - Standard (requires up-grade to Quick Change®) $460.97
Accessories Price
Extended Competition For end Stop $ 90.85
Adjustable End Plates $ 58.42
Wind age Adjustment Bag Plate $271.20
Omni Bag Plate Adapter - Being Phased Out $ 28.12
Extended Competition Forend stop for 50 cal shooters $90.85

Photo Coming Soon of Quick Change Plate and Adapter

Quick change bag plate and 2 quick change adaptors allows changing bag plates quickly and without removing bag. Change the size of the bag plate in seconds. Price $49.99.

SL Heavy Shoot Bag Plate: New 8-1/2"x5" bag plate to accomodate the wide forend of the 50 cal rifles $98.95 (photo coming soon)
SL Light Shoot Bag Plate: New 7"x5" bag plate for the 50 cal guns $92.40.